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Therapy from a positive, inclusive, and liberating perspective

Dr. Lorena Olvera

Therapy with Dr. Lorena Olvera

Liberating Sex Positivity

Are you looking to improve your relationship with your partner? Do you want to feel more connected with your sexuality and pleasure? Are you looking to explore or understand your sexuality?


I can support you!


I am Lorena Olvera (pronouns sheher ), the first Mexican woman with a doctorate in human sexuality. I offer individual therapy and relationship therapy. My therapeutic approach is the Gottman Model in which I trained in the United States.


Let me help you generate a positive change in the perception of sexuality and human relationships!




Areas of Expertise

Sex Education

Sexual Diversity

Erotic-Affective Communication

Sexual Pleasure

Sexuality and Pregnancy

In search of a world where sex is something fun, pleasurable, and consensual, and where people can freely express their sexuality.

“Lorena, as a therapist, has the sensitivity and intelligence to understand, support, and respect diverse clientele.   Lorena has several years of experience in the field, with vast, up-to-date knowledge on sexuality issues.  Lorena has the therapy skill and professionalism that I would trust with my friends and family.”

- Alma Aldana, Sex Therapist

“Her workshops are innovative and very interesting. She helps people to apply what they have learned in very useful, fun, and unique ways that will help them to remember and apply new information.”

- Beverly Whipple, Author and Researcher

“Dr. Lorena Olvera Moreno is one of the top stars in the field of sexual health and sexuality education. Creative, inspirational, and wise, Dr. Olvera Moreno has a solid pulse on a field in transition, and a vision for its future.”

- Bill Taverner, Chief Editor, American Journal of Sexuality Education


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Sexprésate is an educational page on sexuality from an intersectional feminist and pleasure-centered perspective that values and respects sexual diversity.

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