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Therapy and Psychoeducation

During our online therapy and coaching sessions, we create an environment where all people, regardless of gender, sexual orientation or sexual identity, can find a space to freely explore their own experiences. 

Individual Therapy

This service is for people who want to discover their strengths and become more self-aware,  and to learn how to use these strategies by recognizing and unlearning negative patterns in their personal, interpersonal, and professional lives.

Some general topics include:

  • Self-esteem and self-concept

  • Jealousy

  • Grief

  • Post-traumatic stress


Some topics related to sexuality include:

  • Sexual identity and sexual orientation

  • Sexual functioning

  • Problems related to sexual desire or orgasm

  • Experience of sexual violence (e.g., sexual harassment, rape)

50 min

80 (Dra. Lorena Olvera)

MX$755 (Therapist team- in Spanish) 

Online Therapy

SexTherapy & Couples Therapy

This service is for couples who want to improve their relationship, learn how to manage conflict, overcome sexual problems, have a more pleasant and satisfying sex life, and create a deeper emotional connection. As a Gottman Level 1-trained therapist, I will work with the couple on acquiring skills to improve their confidence, communication, and emotional connection.

Some general topics include:

  • Supporting couples in times of transition in their relationship (e.g., birth of a child, children leaving home, retirement)

  • To offer support to couples dealing with jealousy issues by improving their intimacy and communication

  • Helping couples who have experienced infidelity

  • Learning to communicate better and solve problems


Some topics related to sexuality include:

  • Assisting couples with differing sexual desires or with problems related to sexual functioning (e.g., coital pain, erection issues, sexual performance anxiety, or orgasm issues)

  • Offer guidance regarding sexual activity during and after pregnancy

  • Explore specific difficulties of gay, lesbian, or bisexual couples

  • Helping couples who want to move from monogamous to non-monogamous relationships (e.g., polyamory, open relationship, swingers)

80 min

130  (Dra. Lorena Olvera)

MX$1160 (Therapist team- in Spanish)) 


Psychoeducation Session

This service is for people who want to expand their knowledge about sexuality to enable them to live it freely and healthily. During our sessions, we can examine the messages about sexuality that we learn from our families, at school, and through the media that sometimes limit our ability to enjoy our sexuality fully. 

50 min

80 (Dra. Lorena Olvera)

MX$755 (Therapist team- in Spanish) 


Select the service you would like to schedule: individual therapy, couples therapy, or sexual coaching.


Select the time and date that best suits you from the ones we have available.


Before confirming the appointment, fill out the two forms that we ask for (one with your personal and medical data, and the other with the consent contract). Both documents appear after selecting the date.


Make the payment of the service using your debit or credit card.  You will shortly receive a confirmation in your email with the link for the video call.


On the day of your appointment you will receive a reminder in your email. At the time of the appointment, connect by giving  click on the link that we have sent you.

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