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Let me welcome you to my therapy consultation. In this document you will find important information about my professional services and the rights of the consultant. Although this document may be a bit long, it is very important that you read and understand it. By signing it, you indicate that you agree with the rules of the work that we are going to carry out together. I will be happy to answer any questions you may have about this, now or in the future.

Therapy Services

Psychological therapy is a relationship between people who work professionally in collaboration in search of the common goal of improving the quality of life and increasing the psychological well-being of the client. Therefore, it carries rights and responsibilities on the part of each one. Before deciding to start the process, it is very important that you clearly understand your rights and responsibilities as a consultant. It is also important that you know and be aware of the legal limitations of some of these rights. On the other hand, I, as a therapist, also have responsibilities towards you. The following paragraphs describe those rights and responsibilities.

Psychological therapy has both benefits and risks. As in the therapeutic process it is often necessary to talk or face painful aspects, the risks may include the possibility of feeling unpleasant or uncomfortable sensations, such as discomfort, anxiety, sadness, anger or frustration, among others. However, psychological therapies that are based on evidence have been shown in multiple research studies to have beneficial effects for people who carry out the process and comply with the indications. Psychological therapy can produce a significant reduction in psychological and emotional distress, and also help to increase the general levels of satisfaction in life and in interpersonal relationships, as well as the level of self-knowledge and vital awareness. In addition, it can help you through concrete tools to face new situations and have a better management of sources of tension or stress and generate effective problem-solving strategies. However, as the results of therapy depend on several factors, including an active role on your part, the results cannot be guaranteed. In order to increase the probability of achieving the expected results, it is necessary that you follow the directions and practice outside of the sessions with me.


As a therapist, it is my responsibility to offer you the psychological treatment that best suits your needs and jointly agreed goals based on a thorough evaluation process and that has up-to-date scientific evidence on its level of effectiveness. In this sense, my commitment is to dedicate the necessary time, updated professional knowledge and the efforts that are within my possibilities to achieve the therapeutic objectives.  proposed. In the event that the intervention you require must be carried out by professionals from disciplines other than psychology or that it is outside my skills or field of work, I have the responsibility to provide you with information about other professionals who are able to apply the treatment. .

Typically, in the first three sessions , we conduct a comprehensive assessment of your context, lifestyle, psychological status, and relevant personal history, as well as your needs, and based on that, we will jointly agree on specific work goals. , as well as concrete indicators of progress. In this way, and knowing my working method, you can freely make the decision to continue or not with the treatment based on the degree to which it meets your expectations and personal preferences.


Although it is not possible to know in advance the number of sessions, there is a clear commitment on my part that the treatment has the minimum duration necessary to achieve the proposed objectives. In general, depending on the nature of the problem, and the conditions of application, the treatment can last a few months. For my part, I will be fully available to answer any questions about the procedure that may arise, and should you decide to terminate the process unilaterally, you are completely free to do so at any time you wish.

Appointments and Sessions

Sessions generally last approximately 55-60 minutes in length and in most cases are held once a week. There will be special situations, in which due to the nature of the intervention, it may be necessary to schedule sessions of longer duration, from 90 to 120 minutes, or of greater frequency, in which case it will be discussed and previously agreed with the consultant.

The assigned appointment will be honored, and no other person will be assigned. In case you have to cancel or reschedule it, please inform us at least 24 hours in advance, so that it can be reassigned to another person on the waiting list. In case of not attending a session without canceling previously, the full payment of the session will be made, unless it is an exceptional reason or force majeure. As far as possible, we will try to reschedule the session as soon as possible. Finally, in case of being late for the online session, the session will end at the previously agreed time.

Professional fees

The standard fee for the 50 minute individual session is $ 600 and the couples session is $ 800. Payment per consultation is expected to be made prior to each session on this website. 

Confidentiality and Limits

In accordance with the provisions of the Code of Ethics of the Mexican Society of Psychology, all information, as well as medical records and histories, are protected by professional secrecy. Accordingly, I will not discuss any information disclosed in consultation with any person or entity. In the event that, for any reason, such as a professional consultation or a requested psychological report, I will only be able to provide specific information, with the prior written approval of the consultant. In this sense, I will not be able to reveal to anyone that you are attending a professional consultation, and I take all necessary measures to safeguard the confidentiality of the related written material, as well as the medical history. However, confidentiality has a limit, since in case of having information of intentions to attempt against your life or to harm or threaten the lives of other people, or if we are aware of a situation of abuse towards children or the elderly , we have an ethical and legal obligation to immediately disclose this information to the competent persons or authorities. Therefore, it is my responsibility to assess the seriousness of the situation to establish the limit of confidentiality.

Right to Suspend Treatment

You have the right to stop treatment at any time you want. However, it is recommended that you make your decision known to your therapist so that he or she has the opportunity to give feedback and listen to the recommendations that the therapist may make. In the same way, as a therapist I can decide to suspend the treatment if I consider that it is not being beneficial for its objectives, or if there are repeated delays or cancellations or if there is not enough compliance or adherence to the therapeutic recommendations. In such cases, although I can make suggestions for alternative treatment, you have the responsibility to seek other professional mental health care alternatives. By signing this Informed Consent, you declare that you are of legal age and do so on your own behalf.

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